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May - 2013: Milly, Molly and 'Variety - The Children's Charity' are working together for brighter futures for Kiwi kids. At the end of May, Variety will be distributing 190 Milly, Molly books to children in need at a school in Auckland. We look forward to joining forces again in the near furture.

A Gisborne author has got behind a Plunket programme being launched this weekend, encouraging three year old children to have health checks. More

Milly and Molly to help New Zealand Police with Child Abuse Prevention Programmes

The New Zealand Police Youth Education Service (YES) have purchased “Milly, Molly and LilyMay”for their Junior ‘Keeping Ourselves Safe’ child abuse prevention programme. Police education officers work with teachers to deliver these programmes throughout New Zealand. LilyMay is herself a victim of sexual abuse, and is encouraged to share her feelings with someone she trusts: “It takes a lot of courage to share a painful thing, but share it we must with someone we trust, if it doesn't feel right.”

“Milly, Molly and Meg” will also be used in the programme. “Milly Molly and Meg” is designed to empower children to exercise control over their own bodies, and to apply the same level of respect to others. “Meg” addresses the issue of prevention, while “LilyMay” helps with detection, prevention of further continuing abuse, and a support structure.

A third book, “Milly, Molly and Pennyroyal” deals with anger, and has also been chosen by YES for their Junior ‘Kia Kaha’ anti-bullying programme. The books are accompanied by teaching guides, and professionally-developed supporting material, to help teachers handle the subject matter proficiently and sensitively with children at every level. The New Zealand Police Youth Education Service sees all three books as ideal resources to stimulate children, and to help deliver important, supportive messages.

This is a unique partnership, directed at addressing delicate issues of sexual abuse, and bullying as they affect young children. The project is completely aligned with the aims of The Friends of Milly, Molly (N.Z.)Inc., its U.S. counterpart, The Friends of Milly, Molly Inc., and those of the New Zealand Police Youth Education Service which is committed to keeping children safe, and to helping teach values that will encourage them to lead safe, positive lives.

Together YES and The Friends of Milly, Molly (N.Z.) Inc. were able to arrange a number of significant donations to help enable this programme to take place. Special appreciation is due to the Mercury Trust; Ian Fistonich and Julian Heteraka and to an Anonymous donor for their substantial donations, which helped to make this project possible.

NZ Police letter of thanks.