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MILLY, MOLLY is a wonderful series... a wonderful bunch of books. A real find!”
Robert Munsch—internationally respected children’s writer.

“Kids who are lucky enough to meet Milly and Molly will experience a wide variety of captivating adventures designed to help them appreciate diversity and learn to cope with challenges of life. Suitable for families worldwide, this creatively written and beautifully illustrated series gives parents a unique opportunity to help their children think about how to get along with others, and learn values that will help them become happy, competent, and successful human beings.”
Dr. Myrna Shure,
Research Professor,
MCP/Hahnemann University
(Drexel University)
Pennsylvania, USA
(Dr. Shure’s field of expertise lies in Child Development and Family Relationships)

“The underlying morals inherent within the texts are important for children of the twenty-first century to take as their own... the language used to carry the stories is lively and exciting for young readers... the language and style is simply good literature... suitable as teaching texts in social studies or health programs anywhere in the world where difference is an integral component of a community.”
Professor Dr Sigrid Markmann
Dean of the Faculty of Literature and Linguistics
Osnabrück University

“I found the stories exciting, poignant, funny and interesting... they actively celebrate difference.”
Powhiri Wharemarama Rika Heke
English Lecturer
Canterbury University
New Zealand

“The Milly, Molly books... deal with differences between people with sensitivity and humour. [They] increase children’s awareness of community and the world around them, encouraging them to positive participation. [They] encourage self-acceptance and acceptance of others [and] celebrate friendship, relationships and connections. [They] illustrate and encourage the qualities and skills needed to make and maintain friendships with people of different ages and backgrounds. [They] meet children at their level and take them on a journey of exploration and appreciation of “inner and outer space.” The world of Milly, Molly is a contemporary expression of New Zealand Maori traditions of whanau (extended family) and whakawhanaungatanga (co-operative network). These are timeless universal ideals.

Research has consistently found that the quality of childhood social, especially peer, relationships is a powerful predictor of later psychological adjustment. Milly, Molly books are an excellent model of tolerance, empathy and reciprocity—requirements of quality relationships in the modern world.”

Mr.Vas Ajello
Registered Psychologist (No. 90-02235)
Honorary Lecturer in Child & Adolescent Mental Health
University of Auckland
New Zealand

“I wanted to write and tell you that our niece (4) and nephew (6) loved the Milly, Molly books. We read eight one night. Neither my partner nor I had seen them sit through a reading session that long without being distracted. The next day, they asked if there were any more Milly Molly books that hadn’t been read yet! We... asked what they liked about the stories. They enjoyed the illustrations, story lines, and the recurrent characters. In addition, they responded positively to the repetition of phrases.

Our niece and nephew noticed that Jack had a “different shade” of colour on his face; this offered a great opportunity to talk about people from different backgrounds. It made me realise how good the books are as a “jumping off place” for discussion because they are so open-ended.

The children took advantage of the rich learning opportunity and asked with interest, about the one or two “advanced” words that appear in every book. These books offer an opportunity for the enrichment of vocabulary. They tug at children’s natural curiosity to inspire the teachable moment. The children are eagerly awaiting their next Milly, Molly book!”

Karen Leahy-Trill
British Columbia

“I just felt like writing to you about Milly Molly and Jimmy’s Seeds by Gill Pittar. We lost our Daughter Emily Louise on the 12th Jan 2000... Emily loved school and would not miss a day. Emily also loved growing seeds to watch them grow, and her most favorite was a Sunflower. At Emily’s Funeral all the Mourners were given a small bag of sunflower seeds which I think most of them must of planted because there were a lot of sunflowers about. Emily’s Principal allowed the children from her class to have a garden which they call Emily’s Garden. They have installed a plaque and they had a ceremony the whole school attended. Emily’s classmates sprinkled sunflower seeds and fairy dust to help them grow. To this day there is always a sunflower in Emily’s Garden. My 7 year-old son’s Teacher read this story (Milly Molly and Jimmy’s Seeds) to his class today. Judy also happened to be Emily’s last teacher and was touched as my wife Anne and I were. I will buy 5 of these books to give to my children as the older kids have related to this and shed many tears already. Please pass a copy of this to the Author with my heartfelt thanks. I realise this is not about our Emily but it makes it a little easier to explain to our younger kids...”
Doug Brown
Western Australia

“My field of research is multicultural literature, particularly children’s picture books. Two years ago, when I was back in New Zealand for a short visit, I came across the Milly Molly books, and was captivated by them. I have used them several times in lectures, and when speaking at gatherings regarding literature for children and school libraries, and they have always been favourably received by the Japanese people, for whom I translate the stories to convey the meaning. I believe that the Milly Molly books have a message which Japanese children need and would be receptive to.”
Hannah Sawada
Hirosaki University
Northern Japan

“I am working in Korea as an ESL teacher. I decided to bring the Milly, Molly books I had in my possession, including the audio cassettes. I have students ranging from ages three to 12 and find that the books are very useful in the classroom. I used the "Different Dads" book yesterday in my three year-old class and they loved it. They were dancing around to the music and thought the song was the coolest. My kindergarten students are in love with the characters as well and hold the dolls when they are reading the books. What a hit!”
Pamela Munoz
ESL Teacher

"I am glad to be here today to welcome two cute little foreign children, Milly and Molly, and their message, "we may look different, but we feel the same".

With 360 million minors in China, Milly and Molly will quickly make a lot of friends now they have arrived here. Reading these books will bring much happiness because what Milly and Molly feel, so too do our children. What happens to Milly and Molly in their lives also happens to Chinese children in their lives.

In China, it is very important to teach the only child of a family to get along with and respect others. Chinese parents have been waiting for this type of values educational material to become available.

I appreciate the reading instructions at the end of the book. These will help guide children to the essence of the story in their reading and playing. Many thanks to the author Gill Pittar.

Jin Bo
Famous children's author

Milly, Molly is a successful series of books. The stories are from the real lives of children in a multicultural society. We are familiar with the stories and games. The books' themes include the necessary values and beliefs children need such as honesty, loving one's home town, protecting nature, controlling anger and getting along with others in multicultural societies. Children will be moved by the serious themes hidden among the interesting stories. This is the nature of literature. The author Gill Pittar speaks to children in their language, sees the world through their eyes.
Zhu Shiyuan
Pre-school education professor
Beijing Normal University

Conveying a belief system that transcends race, religion and nationality is a serious issue in need of consideration. The Milly, Molly books do just that. They convey the very beliefs that human beings have in common. The books are interesting to children and satisfy their curiosity while also allowing free interpretation of deeper levels of meaning. Milly, Molly books enthuse Chinese kids. Sadly, this is not always the case with the current literature available.
Xiao Chuan
Education scholar